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Random Thoughts; From Family to Mobius Strips

I missed posting last week because I came home from the Write Canada conference and crashed for a week. I actually did little but sleep the first two days back, and only did a few basic activities of daily living … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

Okay, putting the quarter-round down is easy, right? Piece of cake. Should take and hour or two. So said Super Hubby last weekend. And it wasn’t his fault that it didn’t go as planned. Good old Murphy showed up (as … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block? Throw in a Bra Fight

I read in one of my How To Write books, that if you’re having trouble getting your story to move, throw in a bar fight. Okay, this was a bra fight. Works the same. My life is a crazy whirl … Continue reading

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Lost in Cyber Black Hole

I’m back in Blogworld. We (my son and I… well, mostly my son) have been trying to sort out some very strange blog-weirdness. Months ago I tried to renew my domain with the same domain name but the host at … Continue reading

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