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What Am I Reading?

Many authors and writers post about what they are currently reading. I have decided to do that here, partly just to reveal a little more of myself to all of my fans [lol], and partly because I just got back … Continue reading

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Jack Needs a Smile; A Mini-Story

  Note; you may recognize the people in these pictures but here they are not themselves, they are fictitious characters in this mini-story. Jack walked into the coffee shop and pushed back his hood. He shook rain off his jacket sleeves and … Continue reading

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A Shared Post; A Holy Experience; Ann Vosskamp

I am sharing a post from A Holy Experience, a devotional/daily story type of blog with gorgeous pictures.  Pic by Ann Vosskamp My own thoughts; Jamie Martin, the guest blogger on Ann Vosskamp’s blog, mentions how children make our world … Continue reading

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Runner Up For Contest

Several months ago I entered the contest below. It is part of the Write Canada 2016 Conference. I had almost forgotten I’d entered the first three chapters of my romance novel [working title] Love In The Storm, so imagine my … Continue reading

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Romance Writing in Genre; The Beginning of How

When I first started writing in the romance genre I thought it would be easy. You take Jane and Jack, give them some obstacles, both physical, and emotional, and have them work through these obstacles and find that true love … Continue reading

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