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Life Should Come With A Crash Helmet

Life can be hard. Difficult. We think we have it all under control and around the next corner…bam! we run into a rhinoceros. Illness. Job loss. Death of a loved one. A relationship that suddenly crashes on the rocks. We … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts; From Family to Mobius Strips

I missed posting last week because I came home from the Write Canada conference and crashed for a week. I actually did little but sleep the first two days back, and only did a few basic activities of daily living … Continue reading

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Book Review; A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin

A little while back I just missed getting a Sarah Sundin book for free [or cheap, I can’t remember the details] because I didn’t check my emails and my Book Bub deals. some of these deals last only 24 hours. … Continue reading

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A Shared Post; A Holy Experience; Ann Vosskamp

I am sharing a post from A Holy Experience, a devotional/daily story type of blog with gorgeous pictures. ┬áPic by Ann Vosskamp My own thoughts; Jamie Martin, the guest blogger on Ann Vosskamp’s blog, mentions how children make our world … Continue reading

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Romance. Relationships. Community.

Romance. In my world Romance is about connections. Relationships. When I read romance I look for stories that are about relationships, connections on all levels. I love romance stories that are not just about a couple finding their HEA [Happy … Continue reading

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