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Jesus The Son of Man

For my devotional times I am once again studying and thinking on Jesus’ life as a regular human being. We hear and think a lot about Jesus as the Messiah, the Anointed One from God, who came to save us. … Continue reading

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I’m Just Fine. Am I Fine?

So often people come up to us and ask, “How are you?” and we answer, “I’m fine, thank you.” Yet we’re not fine. We’re sick. Struggling. Worried about all kinds of things. Stressed. Depressed. Trying to do our best, yet … Continue reading

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Live, Love, Differences, Similarities

It’s interesting that the words ‘live’ and ‘love’ are such very similar words. Lets take a closer look. I could select a lot of different pictures to represent ‘Live’ Fresh water rushing over rocks  does it for me. Live can … Continue reading

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Jack Needs a Smile; A Mini-Story

  Note; you may recognize the people in these pictures but here they are not themselves, they are fictitious characters in this mini-story. Jack walked into the coffee shop and pushed back his hood. He shook rain off his jacket sleeves and … Continue reading

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Book Review; No Other Will Do, by Karen Witemeyer

I have been a big fan of Karen Witemeyer’s [see link below] books for years. With her most recent book, No Other Will Do, Karen hits it out of the park again. First of all I love the cover. The clothing … Continue reading

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