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STHOOMB also known as Mammogram

“I can handle it. I’ve got it under control.” We are a nation of Stoics. I went for a mammogram on Friday. Another name for this [and excuse my French] is squeeze-the-hell-out-of-my-breasts. I have fibrocystic breasts plus fibromyalgia so the … Continue reading

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I’m Just Fine. Am I Fine?

So often people come up to us and ask, “How are you?” and we answer, “I’m fine, thank you.” Yet we’re not fine. We’re sick. Struggling. Worried about all kinds of things. Stressed. Depressed. Trying to do our best, yet … Continue reading

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What Am I Reading?

Many authors and writers post about what they are currently reading. I have decided to do that here, partly just to reveal a little more of myself to all of my fans [lol], and partly because I just got back … Continue reading

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Writing By Faith

Another long bout of silence from me. I’ll get it right eventually. I wish I was several people. I’d clone me for a Secretary Me. Secretary Diana, I need you to write a blog entry each day. Okay, Main Diana, … Continue reading

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Fell Down a Hole

What happens when you fall down a dark hole and can’t even see which way is up, never mind how to climb out. You utter wordless, groaning prayers and keep trusting God that He’ll forgive all the times you think, … Continue reading

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