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(Webmaster’s note:  The site has changed names from Under the Linden Tree as a result of technical difficulties with the domain name.  Read on to find out how Connectionality relates to the Linden Tree.  – stef)

What does Under The Linden Tree mean?  Some of what’s here will be a repeat of the very first blog.

The linden tree was sixty feet tall or more, the canopy fifty feet wide at its base which was high enough that the tallest adults could walk under and still have space above their heads. The tree stood in majesty to one side of the vast lawn in front of the huge Victorian house my great-great grandfather built. Beyond it was a thick oak grove, and then the farm gate. Behind the house stood towering pines. I could stand under the tree and see and hear and smell nature all around me; the bees that buzzed ecstatically amongst the fragrant linden flowers, the birds that nested and sang in the linden and the oaks, the bleat of sheep in the fields beyond, the far off rumble of big trucks zooming down the country road well above the speed limit.

Everything came together there…

Everything happened under the linden tree. Afternoon tea was served, or lunch, or supper. Sandwiches (cut diagonally, which we kids loved) and cakes, cookies, tea, coffee, wine, beer, lemonade. Everyone gathered there; Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents. Friends. Cousins eight times removed. Conversation ebbed and flowed, along with food, drink, good times, bad times, recollections, reconciliations. Deaths were mulled over. New births were celebrated. Weddings rehashed.

I stood or sat or lay under the linden tree and listened to the rise and fall of talking, laughter, friendly arguments, singing cicadas and birds, the fragrance of the linden flowers, all washing over us like warm ocean waves.

Our kiddie pool was set up there. Lawn chairs resided there for anyone needing a rest after a rousing game of tennis or croquet on the lawn (or even a game of tag). We sat and read. Or napped. Even when I was under that great tree alone I could hear the echoes of the voices of all the people who meshed my life together. I could feel the roots and branches of family and friends and community. Connections. Connectionality (to coin a word).

I want this site to be like that place under the linden tree. A place to share, to celebrate, to cry, to think. To connect. It is a place to bring together and share all the parts of me. The writer me. The reader me. The Christian. The one who asks difficult questions about God. The mother and grandmother. The daughter. The woman. The wife. The nurse. The gardener. And photographer, knitter, nature lover. I want this to be a place to connect with you, hear who you are, your comments.

Linden Tree branch with flowers; picture courtesy of Wikipedia

The person who (like me) has and struggles with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Who also has Celiac Disease. As I develop this site I hope to organize it so that subscribers and readers will be able to go to entries about Fibromyalgia, or about grandmothering, or gardening, or writing. You get my drift.

If you would like to comment on this, or anything about how this site is put together, or what it says, I would love to hear from you.

God bless your visits here

3 Responses to About Connectionality/The Linden Tree

  1. Diane P Morin says:

    I am sorry I had not known about this sooner, Diana, but I will catch up!!
    I am a “relationship, connecting” kind of person, very important to me to foster and strengthen relationships with special people in my life, be it friends or family, even an acquaintance at times. I love the whole idea of a meeting place to share the lessons we have learned, share the struggles as in CF and Fibro etc, but also the joy and blessings
    that our Creator gives in His Nature, His creation! I love nature and photography, love to read and above all love My Saviour!

  2. Diana says:

    oops, that should read, Kindred spirits. :)

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