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Devos On The Fly; I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up

A few days ago I got all dolled up for my niece’s wedding. Bought new clothes (because, unfortunately, the dressy clothes I owned were too small. Sigh!!). I put sparkly nail polish on. (I almost never wear nail polish). Put … Continue reading

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Devos On The Fly; Little Sparkles in Our Days

I often find it hard to write Devotionals. It’s not that I don’t find a lot of things in my day to be thankful for, or to pray about, it’s narrowing it down to particular little every day things that … Continue reading

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Mistakes Even Good Writers Make; Part 1

All authors make mistakes in their writing. I have quite a few favorite authors but all of them have written a clunker now and then. Or I find clunky writing within an otherwise good and well written story. Starting with … Continue reading

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