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Conflict Is The Story

We don’t like conflict. Right? Segue; Okay, here I am writing a post about conflict and I’m running into obstacles and conflict trying to load some pictures.  Well, as my mother used to say, I’ll look back on this and laugh. (Grr!) … Continue reading

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Keep On Gardening Part 2; Gardening at Age 79

I started blogging about my desire to create more accessible and easier care gardens here. Since then I’ve almost completed the two Island Beds on our back lawn. (I call them Right Island Bed (RIB) and Left Island Bed (LIB)). … Continue reading

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Connections; James Burke, Technology, People, and The Trigger Effect

I googled connections and came across a television series on Youtube by James Burke called… of course… Connections. This series was first aired in 1978/79. Old, you say, outdated. Yes… and no. A definite No. The things James Burke says … Continue reading

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